About Peter Jennison

Growing up in a small New Hampshire town, Peter began composing music as early as age 10. He credits his musical ability to his Mother and Grandfather who taught him to play the organ, accordion and guitar.

In High School and College, Peter found popularity through playing piano. Privately, music became a healing force. As Peter reflects,

“The piano has always been there for me when I needed to find strength or direction. There has always been an interesting and intimate bond between us. I provide the emotion, tempered through my hands, and what comes out is a musical reflection of that same emotion.”

Through the years, experiencing triumph and tragedy in his life, Peter’s music has always reflected both.

“I’ve never been confined to love songs when love has done me wrong. I am not confined to darkness when my life is in the light. I think that music, just like the wind, must be free to explore each and every crack and crevice of the mountain over which it blows. It has no boundaries, and thus cannot, and must not be contained.”

To Peter, writing music is soothing energy for the soul.

“Music composition is an inward expedition into ourselves. The melodies are just a by-product of that journey. True expression through music comes from linking the hands, the mind, and the heart. I really think that everyone has this ability somewhere in them. My son once asked me if he would ever be able to play like me—I told him, “You already can.”

Peter spent nearly 3 years of his military career as an aviator deployed with the Army to Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His debut album, Longing for Home (Songs from War) was written during a year-long deployment with the Army for the war in Iraq. In his own words about the album,

“Each song tells a story through a Soldier’s eyes— stories that reveal the incredible and unselfish love that Soldiers have for their families, and their homelands—as they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for both.”

His latest album, Coming Home, was written while he was deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan in 2012. Coming Home celebrates the touching reunions between Soldiers and their Families. It also pays tribute to those Soldiers that return home wounded; and to those who never return.

On both projects, Peter worked closely with Windham Hill Records Founder and Grammy winning Producer Will Ackerman. Peter’s music features some of the finest instrumental players in the world, including Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort), T-Bone Wolk (Hall & Oates), Jeff Haynes (Pat Metheny Group), and Charlie Bisharat (Yanni); as well as many others.

Peter lives in Florida along with his Wife and Son.